Why Participate?

Leaving Legacies for the future.

It is the vision of LEAVE A LEGACY® Stark County that “every person in the Stark County area will include a charitable gift in his or her will.” Every will can include a charity. We believe that estate planning professionals have an obligation to address the topic of charitable giving in every estate planning conversation.

Why raise the possibility of a charitable bequest?

Each person at some point asks “what is the purpose of my life?” This is the kernel that opens the reflection of what is meaningful in life. “Is there a charity whose service I want to perpetuate when I am no longer here?”

LEAVE A LEGACY® Stark County would like each estate planning professional to raise these questions with their clients.

How can estate planners and development officers work together?

Because of the special skills and services of professional financial advisors, development officers often need our help to implement their donors’ plans. We need to cultivate that relationship with development officers and work closely together because of our mutual understanding of the role and need of charities.

Why Should Professional Advisors Join LEAVE A LEGACY®?

The benefits include:

LEAVE A LEGACY® Stark County is supported by a part-time administrator, a web site which includes members with a link to their web site, and occasional seminars. The LEAVE A LEGACY® Stark County Steering Committee looks forward to further development of national and regional marketing campaigns.

Professional Advisor Membership is based on the calendar year.