Why Leave a Legacy®?

Your Legacy

By naming a nonprofit organization in your will, you have the capacity to foster and continue the values important to you and your family. And you are helping to serve your community by sustaining the quality of life that makes your community and the Stark County area an appealing place to live, work and raise families. Gifts by bequest provides a means of answering the basic question, "What did I do to make the world a better place than I found it?"

How will the world change because you have been in it?

When you value a nonprofit's work, you help it meet its annual financial needs. Once you have truly embraced its vision and come to count on its making a difference in our community far into the future, you want to ensure that its financial strength will be sustained after the measure of your own lifetime.

Look ahead.

The charities in our region work in the present but look to the future. They understand that they must build their endowments, so that they are on a stable footing to meet the challenges and opportunities that the future will deliver. Your legacy — your bequest, trust, or other planned gift — helps the charities you support now to meet these long-term needs.

Leave your mark.

Gifts made through your estate tell the world about the people and institutions you loved and valued in your life. Include the charities you care about. Let them, and your neighbors, know that you believe their work makes a difference, and that it will continue to make a difference in the community for generations to come.

Your neighbors are leaving a legacy.