Leave a Legacy® National

Leave a Legacy® is a community-based program to help people learn about charitable giving through a will or from an estate. Leave a Legacy® does not solicit gifts for any particular organization. Instead, the program is a cooperative effort of all types of nonprofit groups including social service and arts organizations, congregations, hospitals, educational institutions and other philanthropic groups.

Charitable nonprofit groups play an important role in our lives, extending help in many ways, from giving seniors a hot meal, to connecting children with good role models. Help may also come in the form of fighting a terrible disease, leading a spiritual experience or bringing beauty to your world through the arts. The truth is that these special organizations utilize philanthropic support from people like you in order to continue their good deeds and fulfill their missions. Consider these facts:

The National Leave a Legacy® supports regional programs such as the one in Stark County. To visit the National web site click here.